This weeks strip has a kind of strange story coming with it. I drew this little Adelie with the sign “The End” for the last page of my Graphic Novel “The End is Here”. Of course, given the story of the novel, I had those people in my mind who pop up from time to time here in NYC or elsewhere to warn us about what they read and interpreted somehow in the bible: That the last day of the world will be here soon. This winter, there was this group who said they knew that the last day will be May 21st. Well.

Anyway, that’s why I took the image from “The End is Here” and changed the text in the sign to “The End is Near” and posted it as a cartoon to my toonpool page. I also did a colored version and posted it with the little essay I wrote about “Penguins and Climate Change” here at this website.

I never thought that this tiny cartoon will make it somehow big. But it became a little hit at my toonpool page – or better, it got its 20.000th hit this week. – Sure, I had to transform it into a strip. I’m afraid, from the view of an Antarctic penguin in the times of Global Warming, it isn’t funny at all.

Today is opening day!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!!