Usually I don’t repost strips. But this time I have a good reason. The strip “Red” was seen here before in 2011. Originally, the red can stood as a perfect symbol for all the trash people throw away without thinking. Sure, everybody could see it was a Coke can, but back in 2011 I would have never mentioned the brand name. But who would have known than that the Coca Cola Company would give me a good reason to mention their name in a positive way. The NYTimes had this very interesting article about Coke (and Nike, too) who figuered out that Climate Change is hurting their businesses and that they have to react to it. While the US Congress still believes that preventing Global Warming will hurt the economy and the EU is scaling back their climate engagement for the same reasons. Please read Coral Davenport‘s article “Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change” here.