There are some busy weeks for me ahead. Mostly because of the New York Comic Con, October 8-10. As I mentioned last week, I will share a Small Press Box with some friends from Act-I-vate. You will find us in booth 551 all day long: Kevin Kobasic will promote his new book Beanbots and Rami Efal will have his Ignatz Award nominated book Never Forget, Never Forgive for sale. Ryan Roman will also be around, and hopefully Jennifer Hayden. – And probably -from time to time- a lot of other great artists from the still growing Act-I-vate community.

You will find me there signing my book The End is Here. I will also have  some original POLE artwork for sale, for example the strip First Catch from August 5th and Outer Space from September 23rd. I will also offer strips which haven’t been published here at, yet. Besides that, I will have bookmarks and postcards. And of course, I would like to hear what you think of my new website.

Also coming up, a week earlier, the Gowanus Studio Tour A.G.A.S.T. (October 2nd, from 1pm to 6pm). My wife Ilona Kahl rents a studio in the Gowanus and if you come by, you will find both of us. And while you can marvel at her paintings, you will also have a chance to buy The End is Here or some of my strips.